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“Pillsbury’s Best Flour” Sign Once Again Graces Minneapolis Skyline

Photo credit: Glen Stubbe | Star Tribune

This week’s relighting of the restored “Pillsbury’s Best Flour” sign holds special significance for Loucks. Along with project partners Dominium, BKV Group, Weis Builders, and the City of Minneapolis, Loucks helped to preserve the site and transform the historic mill into affordable living and working space for artists.

Many of the building’s original features and spaces remain intact, including the original heavy timber frame, Platteville limestone foundation, massive white grain silos, Cleaning House, Warehouse No. 2, and the Red Clay Tile elevator with its landmark “Pillsbury’s Best Flour” neon sign. Loucks provided civil engineering, land surveying and laser scanning services on the project. For more details about the sign reinstallation, visit Star Tribune and WCCO.