City of Cloquet Comprehensive Plan

City of Cloquet

Loucks collaborated with the City of Cloquet to update its comprehensive plan to support the recommendations of the City’s Community Revitalization Master Plan. Loucks listened carefully to City staff, residents and stakeholders to identify significant issues and opportunities facing the City. As a result of public feedback, we initiated a monthly steering committee meeting to gather and incorporate ideas and insights from the Planning Commission, City Council, and City Staff. The project team pinpointed and achieved two main goals: to enhance Cloquet’s downtown area, or “City Center,” and provide a solid framework to support continued population growth projections.

The newly-created Comprehensive Plan presents a bold vision for the City of Cloquet and sets the foundation through goals, objectives, policies, and plans to ensure Cloquet’s future will be consistent with the expressed vision of the entire community.

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