Hennepin Healthcare (CSC)

Loucks led the civil engineering and site design for the 384,000-square foot, LEED Gold certified Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center (CSC). The CSC is located on a site south of Hennepin Healthcare, the Twin Cities’ largest teaching hospital. As the lead site designer for the project, Loucks worked with the City, Elliot Park Neighborhood and the owner to design features which complement the surrounding context, including the Historic Elliot Park Neighborhood.

Loucks also worked on the Hennepin Healthcare 8th Street Public Realm Enhancements, thoughtfully incorporating forms and materials found throughout the CSC to define a unique and unified campus. A signature art piece draws upon the meandering Mississippi River for inspiration, as does the site design. The plaza spaces and landscape design harness and reinforce this river form, serving as a natural pathway and place of beauty connecting patients, staff and the community to Hennepin Healthcare.

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