Loucks Providing Construction Management

Construction Management Services

Loucks’ comprehensive construction management and oversight process incorporates construction observation, surveying, and coordination of geo-technical and environmental services. We thoroughly understand the information required in documenting construction activities for future developments, agency requirements for funding, and obtaining environmental releases.

Loucks has been the lead project manager on significant construction and development projects involving demolition, environmental remediation, design, bidding, construction administration, construction observation and construction staking including:

  • $4.5M Beacon Bluff 2010 Select Demolition and Remediation
  • $3.2 M Beacon Bluff 2010 Forest-Phalen Road Connection
  • $0.5M Beacon Bluff 2010 Geotechnical and Environmental Correction
  • $2.9M Beacon Bluff 2011 Demolition, Remediation and Excavation
  • $2.9M Beacon Bluff 2012 Building Demolition and Grading
  • $0.5 M Beacon Bluff 2013 Bush Avenue Demolition
  • $3.0M Globe Shingle Plant
  • $1.0M Cargill Lake Office Road Improvements
  • $0.4M Wilder Campus Demolition
  • $0.85M West Side Flats Redevelopment