Single Family Planning and Development by Loucks

Municipal Planning Services

Our planners have extensive experience inside city hall handling day-to-day zoning applications, including variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions, site plan reviews, and planned unit developments. Because of our work in the private sector, we also understand the needs and goals of the developer. As a result, Loucks facilitates clear, consistent communications between the City and developer, creating successful, mutually beneficial development scenarios.

We take pride in our ability to communicate the world of planning and zoning to developers of all types and sizes and are available to help your City:

  • Develop application procedures and improve record keeping.
  • Draft zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans and amendments.
  • Conduct planning education and training workshops.
  • Prepare environmental reviews, special studies, or master plans.
  • Address and leverage specific economic and natural resources issues.
  • Write or rewrite zoning and property maintenance ordinances.
  • Recommend forward-thinking transportation solutions.
  • Assist with grant writing efforts.