Gopher Resource - Rail Spur and Loading Docks

Site, Roadway and Parking Design

Nearly every Loucks project, in every type of market, involves some type of site, roadway and/or parking design. Specific expertise includes roadways and streets, turn lanes, parking lot design, truck parking, loading docks, truck maneuvering, and bus/vehicle/emergency drop off zones.

Our work at Gopher Resource included eight loading docks for direct loading and unloading of rail cars and the connection of a new 800-foot rail spur to a 40,000 square foot addition with three loading docks, and construction of a new access on Yankee Doodle road, including two turn lanes, median islands, and main road reconfiguration.

Loucks’ award-winning West River Parkway project exemplifies the coordination of all of our disciplines. Road and site design work was complemented by highest and best land use analysis, land surveying of the site, trails, and storm sewer. A high degree of coordination was necessary between local, state and federal agencies to assure a successful and well-documented clean-up plan for the site. Loucks’ design solutions saved the client valuable resources and dollars, while providing the public a scenic entryway into the City of Saint Paul.

Cargill project work included the redesign of an existing rural road section as an urban, curbed road section eliminated issues related to extremely steep grades adjacent to the road. SAFL Baffle stormwater treatment and a new retaining wall addressed erosion and stormwater drainage concerns, and provided an important buffer for an adjacent DNR protected wetland. In order to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety, Loucks reconfigured an existing parking lot and interior intersection into a roundabout, and developed the ideal location for security checkpoints, card readers, and a gatehouse.

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