Zoning | Design Standards

Our firm has prepared and updated a number of complete zoning and subdivi­sion ordinances, amendments, special districts, ordinance analysis and design standards to produce the regulatory tools need for Cities to achieve their vision and goals. In particular, we understand the challenges that fully developed communities face and respond with creative zoning solutions that support redevelopment while preserving and protecting existing neighborhoods.

As zoning ordinances commonly become out of date, it’s important to reset regulatory tools to most effectively implement the City’s vision and long term plan for the community. We work with Cities to create new ordinances with clear, concise language and graphics to provide future developers and applicants with meaningful guidelines. Loucks has helped Cities in the Twin Cities and greater metro area achieve the following:

  • Implement Comprehensive Plan goals and policies.
  • Create appropriate use districts to implement land use designations.
  • Integrate performance standards into ordinances, including site and building specific standards, to ensure high quality development.
  • Review permitted and special uses and consider options to create more permitted uses with performance standards.
  • Write or rewrite zoning ordinance to create a Unified Development Code.
  • Create clear, concise ordinances for use by the City and public.
  • Manage creation of non-conformities in zoning updates.
  • Provide graphics and design standards to ensure developments support and connect with the site and character of the community.
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