A-Mill Artist Lofts

Loucks collaborated with project partners and stakeholders on a $156 million renovation effort to successfully preserve the historic Pillsbury A-Mill site and transform the space into affordable housing for artists. Many of the building’s original features remain intact, including the original heavy timber and iron frame, Platteville limestone foundation, massive white grain silos, Warehouse No. 2, and the Red Clay Tile elevator with its landmark “Pillsbury’s Best Flour” neon sign. Loucks laser scanned the interior and exterior of the building, as well as the historic hydropower tunnels, which were reconditioned and reused to provide more than seventy percent of the buildings power needs. Loucks also utilized laser scanning to measure an unearthed historic rail transfer table and showcase the structure in a sunken garden area with an overhead catwalk.


  • Largest flour mill in the world, built in 1881, and produced 5,000 barrels of flour per day
  • Production ceased in 2003
  • Transformed 400,000 SF space into 251 affordable housing units for artists.
  • Majority of site surface drainage flows directly to innovative CMP infiltration system
  • HPDM seepage membrane protects the adjacent underground parking garage
  • Project received MPCA clearance for infiltration above contamination plume from upstream sources