Civil Engineering

When it comes to civil engineering services, our best work is buried. Literally. Once completed, most of our civil engineering efforts are invisible to the naked eye. This includes items such as grading, soil corrections, storm sewers, storm detention chambers, sanitary sewers, lift stations, force mains, watermains all of which are coordinated with power, gas, steam, cooling water and data utilities. This ground work helps support the visible site work of parking, drive aisles, sidewalks, streetscape, ponds, berms, landscaping, plazas and ADA accessible routes. In addition, we are skilled designers for watershed analyses and hydrologic studies to help navigate the approval processes.

Once through design and approvals, we shine in the construction process with seasoned personnel and prompt attention to maintain schedule and quality for construction projects. Loucks’ sustainable design team includes LEED-accredited professionals with expertise in environmentally-friendly and cost-effective design.

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