The HUB at Beacon Bluff

Parks – Regional | Community | Neighborhood

Loucks consistently works hand-in-hand with communities on a variety of neighborhood parks, ranging from Red Wing’s Colvill Park and Maple Creek Park, Maple Grove, to Pottery Pond Park in Red Wing and Dakota County’s Spring Lake Park Reserve.

One recent example of a unique community amenity park is The HUB at Beacon Bluff, is a highly visible, educational green space. Early on, the HUB was highlighted by Loucks and the Port Authority as a valuable open space amenity. The HUB sits on a remnant parcel under which major infrastructure was required to remain intact. Redevelopment was proposed around this space and the HUB became the central focus of the planning effort. The primary purpose of the HUB is to effectively demonstrate how “Next Generation” development reduces environmental impact. Collaborating with the design team, Loucks integrated interactive art installations into the larger plaza layout, shaped the overall design theme, and ensured various art elements facilitated a unified design solution. Please visit the Case Studies page for additional details on this award-winning project.

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